Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lebanon first, and utmost....!!!

I didn't want to say a thing about why or how of the real reasons why Hizbullah did what they did, mainly because what's done is done, and none can take it back.....!!!

Hizbullah wanted to shift the Israili lashes towards Gaza but in the effect shifted a monsterous campain to demolish Beirut.....!!!

was it wrong, irrational, I believe so with all of my heart, but does that justify the Israili act, abso-fucking-lutely NOT.....!!!

I don't understand why all networks and news channels are more concerned on the evacuation of expats more than what Lebanese people are going through.....!!!

why do all those who gone to the streets cheered for Hizbullah and but a few held the flags and called for LEBANON....!!!

it's great that you declare your utmost patriotism by declaring you'r awaiting a signal from Nasirallah to fight the israelis, but what about Lebanon....?!?!

and is it me, or have each area of onflict and war is competing with each other to reach the headlines, now we see, Iraqis distribute a news that saddam is being dragged to the court, as if this is a mojor headline.....?!?! how lame is that, of course he participates against his will, do you think he comes every day to court from his castle to play ps2......?!?!

the iranies and syrians declare their support to Lebanon but until now even when the US is providing israelis with the soo called "smarter bombs" with precise aiming at the UN rep.s .....!!!

and why do a retard show up in the TV to tell us how to donate our money, wither we lose OUR money in gambling or buying cucumber, what the fuck is your buisnes in it.......!!!
is trying to gain publicity, of course he is....!!!
do we need people to avoid donating to Lebanon especially when a loony is not satisfied with it.....!!!

I don't see the syrians acting, nor the iranians, not even when whole of Lebanon is engulfed in this massacre, and we will see the millions cheering and screeming their throats out for Hassan Nasirallah.....!!!

God be with Lebanon and the Lebanese people, Gaza now is safe and sound in the eyes of Hasan.......!!!

God bless his soul......

two israelis are worth the destruction of a whole country.....!!!
do we have this mentality in our arab countries.....?!?! or do we see sheeps and goats more valuable.....?!?!
or can some one explain hundreds are dead now for the sake of two.....!!!


Moey said...

2 words: صح لسانك

EXzombie said...

صح بدنك

Anonymous said...

للأسف لبنان ضاع بالطوشة بسبب التناحر و الصراعات التي تتم على أرضه من قبل ناس لا تهمهم الوطنية بقدر ما تهمهم الوصولية
و حزب الله و ربعه ليس إلا خير مثال على ذلك..بالإضافة إلى التنظيمات الأخرى سواء كانت دينية أو سياسية فكل منهم يتبع سياسة "المخرج عاوز كده" يكون بعون لبنان على هذا الخراب اللي فيه

بالنسبة لإسرائيل..فأنا بصراحة أعلن إعجابي بها كدولة إستطاعت أن تحتل مراكز متقدمة بين المحافل الدولية بسبب إيمانها بالفرد و الإنتماء للأرض قبل الدين أو أي بدعة سياسية و هراء و شعارات ثورية
يستطيع العرب ممارستها بسبب ثقافة الكلام التي توارثناها عن طريق القافية اللغوية في الأدب الغزير و الحياء الشحيح في أخلاقنا

عبثي said...
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hamdool said...

Lebanon is gone for another 10 years! :(

EXzombie said...

انشاء الله لا