Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Jubaihan mix

Jubaiha is the Jordanian universities student's Mecca. Located north east central Amman. The compacted community it contain allows Jubaiha to be one of the important destinations a new comer looks for to find vacancy.....

Although it's hard now to find an empty apartment, or a suitable one with reasonable rent, still hundreds of apartment hunters engage in a searching mode hoping to locate and finish the formalities in stealth...
You might ask me "what does it look like?", and I would like to say it sounds, looks, feels like Hawalli in Kuwait....?!?! Except it's smaller. With restaurants of all types, book shops, supermarkets, convenient stores, barbers, laundry, coffee shops, bars, banks, moles, all of which constitute the mosaic distribution throughout the area.

The coherent mix of blended nationalities, gives, an imprison of a friendly version, of the U.N. The interaction between different individuals, when each represent a culture or a background, and all of them integrate to form the Function of the Jubaihan entity.

I have met more people of different orientations that I conceder as friends in one month that exceeded any place I ever ben to. The advantage of such a thing is by broadening your intellectual spectrum, see the diff. Customs and traditions, which I consider to be as the Spices of the early merchant travels; although it's not hard to obtain, never the less, it has high value and is rich in flavor and taste.

What saddens me is that even though the different orientations in this compacted area are susceptible to conflicts and quarrels, minimum control with no visible police supervision is clearly noticed. The need for police assistance and security is one of the most essential services Jubaiha needs.

For the dominant percentage of the Jubaihan community is of teenagers, whom conflicts to prove each one's point of view, leading to fights, harsh arguments, especially during major incidents such as football matches or important events. But never the less this place overlaps these minor negativity in the wormth of this divers human cultures.