Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lebanon first, and utmost....!!!

I didn't want to say a thing about why or how of the real reasons why Hizbullah did what they did, mainly because what's done is done, and none can take it back.....!!!

Hizbullah wanted to shift the Israili lashes towards Gaza but in the effect shifted a monsterous campain to demolish Beirut.....!!!

was it wrong, irrational, I believe so with all of my heart, but does that justify the Israili act, abso-fucking-lutely NOT.....!!!

I don't understand why all networks and news channels are more concerned on the evacuation of expats more than what Lebanese people are going through.....!!!

why do all those who gone to the streets cheered for Hizbullah and but a few held the flags and called for LEBANON....!!!

it's great that you declare your utmost patriotism by declaring you'r awaiting a signal from Nasirallah to fight the israelis, but what about Lebanon....?!?!

and is it me, or have each area of onflict and war is competing with each other to reach the headlines, now we see, Iraqis distribute a news that saddam is being dragged to the court, as if this is a mojor headline.....?!?! how lame is that, of course he participates against his will, do you think he comes every day to court from his castle to play ps2......?!?!

the iranies and syrians declare their support to Lebanon but until now even when the US is providing israelis with the soo called "smarter bombs" with precise aiming at the UN rep.s .....!!!

and why do a retard show up in the TV to tell us how to donate our money, wither we lose OUR money in gambling or buying cucumber, what the fuck is your buisnes in it.......!!!
is trying to gain publicity, of course he is....!!!
do we need people to avoid donating to Lebanon especially when a loony is not satisfied with it.....!!!

I don't see the syrians acting, nor the iranians, not even when whole of Lebanon is engulfed in this massacre, and we will see the millions cheering and screeming their throats out for Hassan Nasirallah.....!!!

God be with Lebanon and the Lebanese people, Gaza now is safe and sound in the eyes of Hasan.......!!!

God bless his soul......

two israelis are worth the destruction of a whole country.....!!!
do we have this mentality in our arab countries.....?!?! or do we see sheeps and goats more valuable.....?!?!
or can some one explain hundreds are dead now for the sake of two.....!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Don't stare...!!! and the autism charity fund..

she's the jewel of Bu maryoom whom I raise my hat to salute him for bringing the subject....

I went last thursday to the autism charity party in mishref, hoping to see the work of those who seem caring for the children, and not to forget to see TATA in action there, I went there with JJ2 and william, and we walked through the tables watching stuff, food, and other stuff, but something was missing, this tent was big, but the thing I was looking for wasn't there....!!!

I thought since there were many chairs facing the same direction that there will be a lecture or talking at least about autism, and problems they face in this world, but not that night, no one talked about them or even knew about them, they know it was for a good cause but apparently didn't know for what it was.....!!!

I send flowers to Bu Maryoom and his jewel "Mneera", she's mine as well, I also send flowers to all the children of the world who are not bothering me now....!!!to all the loving parents, loveing couples, and to anyone who loves Kuwait and her people....!!!

I also send a Huge FUCK YOU sign to all the assholes that park in the disabled space, the assholes making fun of them....

not to forget..

I have some facts on autism that I wanted you to share...


Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS (not otherwise specified) are developmental disabilities that share many of the same characteristics. Usually evident by age three, autism and PDD-NOS are neurological disorders that affect a child's ability to communicate, understand language, play, and relate to others.

In the diagnostic manual used to classify disabilities, the DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994), "autistic disorder" is listed as a category under the heading of "Pervasive Developmental Disorders." A diagnosis of autistic disorder is made when an individual displays 6 or more of 12 symptoms listed across three major areas: social interaction, communication, and behavior. When children display similar behaviors but do not meet the criteria for autistic disorder, they may receive a diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS (PDD not otherwise specified). Although the diagnosis is technically referred to as PDD-NOS, throughout the remainder of this fact sheet we will refer to the diagnosis as PDD, as it is more commonly known.

Autistic disorder is one of the disabilities specifically defined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal legislation under which children and youth with disabilities receive special education and related services. IDEA, which uses the term "autism," defines the disorder as "a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction, usually evident before age 3, that adversely affects a child's educational performance. Other characteristics associated with autism are engagement in repetitive activities and stereotyped movements, resistance to environmental change or change in daily routines, and unusual responses to sensory experiences." (In keeping with the IDEA and the way in which this disorder is generally referred to in the field, we will use the term autism throughout the remainder of this fact sheet.)

Due to the similarity of behaviors associated with autism and PDD, use of the term pervasive developmental disorder has caused some confusion among parents and professionals. However, the treatment and educational needs are similar for both diagnoses.


Autism and PDD occur in approximately 5 to 15 per 10,000 births. These disorders are four times more common in boys than girls.
The causes of autism and PDD are unknown. Currently, researchers are investigating areas such as neurological damage and biochemical imbalance in the brain. These disorders are not caused by psychological factors.


Some or all of the following characteristics may be observed in mind to severe forms:
Communication problems (e.g., using and understanding language);
Difficulty in relating to people, objects, and events;
Unusual play with toys and other objects;
Difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings; and
Repetitive body movements or behavior patterns.
Children with autism or PDD vary widely in abilities, intelligence, and behaviors. Some children do not speak; others have limited language that often includes repeated phrases or conversations. People with more advanced language skills tend to use a small range of topics and have difficulty with abstract concepts. Repetitive play skills, a limited range of interests, and impaired social skills are generally evident as well. Unusual responses to sensory information -- for example, loud noises, lights, certain textures of food or fabrics -- are also common.

Educational Implications

Early diagnosis and appropriate educational programs are very important to children with autism or PDD. Public Law 101-476, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), formerly the Education of the Handicapped Act, includes autism as a disability category. From the age of three, children with autism and PDD are eligible for an educational program appropriate to their individual needs. Educational programs for students with autism or PDD focus on improving communication, social, academic, behavioral, and daily living skills. Behavior and communication problems that interfere with learning sometimes require the assistance of a knowledgeable professional in the autism field who develops and helps to implement a plan which can be carried out at home and school.

The classroom environment should be structured so that the program is consistent and predictable. Students with autism or PDD learn better and are less confused when information is presented visually as well as verbally. Interaction with nondisabled peers is also important, for these students provide models of appropriate language, social, and behavior skills. To overcome frequent problems in generalizing skills learned at school, it is very important to develop programs with parents, so that learning activities, experiences, and approaches can be carried over into the home and community.

With educational programs designed to meet a student's individual needs and specialized adult support services in employment and living arrangements, children and adults with autism or PDD can live and work in the community.


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Powers, M.D. (Ed.). (1989). Children with autism, a parent's guide. Rockville, MD; Woodbine House. (Telephone: 1-800-843-7323; (301) 897-3570.)
Schopler, E., & Mesibov, G.B. (Eds.). Several books are available in the "Current Issues in Autism" book series: Communication problems in autism (1985); Social behavior in autism (1986); Autism in adolescents and adults (1983); Effects of autism on the family (1984); High-functioning individuals with autism (1990); Preschool issues in autism (1993); and Learning and cognition in autism (1995). (All available from Plenum Publishing at the address above. Telephone: 1-800-221-9369.)

Monday, February 27, 2006

the Jordanian bloggers meeting....!!!

Jordan Planet (JP) bloggers meetup.....

this was an amazing, as well as fruitiful experience to me, it enabled me to get to know an amazing group of fellow bloggers from a different kind of envirnment and background, I got to know what makes them tick, work and intrigue them in communicating and bloging in this medium....

I attended the jordanian bloggers meetup on saturday of feb. 11th.(I know it's late but I had, but I needed time off)
the location was in wild jordan, an enthralling location that over views Amman. it's sad to say that the meeting was at night so I couldn't capture any scene with my cam....!!!a down fall to the location was the quality of reception of the staff or waitors.....!!!

the company was really wonderful, both inteligent and eager to express thier point of views on the various issues that were discussed through the meeting, stories of Ohoud's book club, or the hunting of books project, and wether Isam would give them space to foster the club, we discused the expat v.s. native bloggers and the point of view of this separation, as well as anonymous bloggers against varified bloggers, ofcourse I was on the anonymous side (don't ask)....?!?!

many suggestions were made to outfold the JP experience and bloggers activity, such as organizing a group activities that focus the light on Jordanian heritige and culture, I would like to see an interaction between the Kuwaiti and Jordanian bloggers as well as enlighting schools, students, and children on the importance of new communicational technologies, and mass media such as online news agencies, blogs, forums and other issues.....
dispercing books on children.......
forming a channel that links the new age with the traditional journalism....
along side other objectives....

now here is the funny story, I was the first one to enter the cafe which is not a café, it's the royal to preserve the wild life, I went through many parts of the place till I reached the café, I went there chicking each possible blogger, and they all seemed to reach my image of a potential blogger, if only I had known the difference....!!!

I heard behind my back, an inquiry by this fellow who asked about a reservation for 30 somthing, yeah join the club......!!! and I hitched up with him on the hunt for the other bloggers, this guy was Naseem El-Tameemi, a real nice guy and a gentleman, we went all over the W.J. like the ancient packman game, and we had to resort to another method, call the ones responsible for the meeting (that's Roba), but I didn't have her phone so I went to the closest one I knew, that's Khalida, she told me to wait for her 5 minutes, till she come and to go to the 2nd floor which the building lacked......?!?!so we waited for, and immediatly I knew her the moment she stepped in and signed the "save the forest" petition that Naseem campained about (yeah I did sign it)....

so us three, we came to the café, and saw that it wont handle the 30 something of potential bloggers, but we had to wait so we decided to sit and gather our breaths......!!! we noticed by now a stalking guy, eyeing us the whole time, apparently he was trying to figure us out, are the ones he was waiting for or he was in the wrong place.....?!?! we found that he too was waiting for the meeting and I was introduced to him, Ala'a was his name(correct me if I mixed the names up), also a nice guy who has an outstanding blog, so after a small chitchat, we decided that we should reserve the upper floor to the meeting, and arrange it to the others so that each one would find a place to sit.......!!!

then the other bloggers showered us, we were:

from left to right they are the lovely Abeer, Khalidah, and Lina

and summerizing the whole thing in few word in contradictory to what I'm used to.....


and I will certainly accept thier invitation to attend the next meetings, but this time as a member....!!!

the thing is..... EXzombiesm is a bit extreme and vulgar to be viewd in JP so I'll be posting there in my bit restrained
"The Watcher".....!!!
and not to mention that I am a lazy writer, swamped by the many projects I drawned myself in, I have to post now the delayed drafts in both blogs, so that I can start with my upcoming project....
the A.S.U. English club's "League of Amature Writers", I can't wait till I show you how good those people are..... if I find them that is.....?!?!

last thing I really enjoyed my conversations with all the atendees but Isam's and Laith were enlighting to some issues that I didn't know about......

thanks to you all and till we meet up the next time....